In this article, we will be looking at getting you set up to receive notifications from your recorder, straight to your Email. It will send a photo of the event(motion detection and/or line crossing) along with a timestamp. This way you can get notified of movement when you are not around – as scheduled by you.(We will cover that here, as well)

If your system uses this GUI, great. If it looks different, however, don't worry. The words you see may differ slightly, but the functionality is all the same. We can answer any questions you may have if you get lost looking for menus.

Step 1: Right click anywhere on live view, enter password if necessary, and then click on Configuration. From there, click Network

Step 2: From the Network screen, click Email.(Highlighted in screenshot above) and fill out the following fields, as per the screenshot (I will write out most of it in case the picture appears blurry):

  1. Make sure Enable Server Authentication(Labelled “Enable Se…”) is turned on.
  2. Fill in the username as eagleeyenotify (note the two consecutive “e”s in eagleeye)
  3. The password is as follows:
    muzr ydph cnxk zttr
    **DO NOT include the spaces between the sets of characters, they are there to make it easier to read**

  4. SMTP Server:
    SMTP port as 587
    Make sure Enable SSL is turned on
  5. Fill out the Sender field as Camera Notify
  6. The Senders Address is again the two “e”s)
  7. Leave Receiver 1 for now. You can add more recipients afterwards if you wish
  8. Write your name in the Receiver field, and then fill in the email address you would like to have the notifications sent to
  9. Enable Attached Picture should be enabled
  10. Interval setting should be left as is
  11. Hit Apply.
  12. You can now click “Test” to ensure it is working properly. You should get an Email saying “This e-mail is used to test whether your SMTP settings work.”

Step 3: Decide which cameras you would like to be affected. 

(If you're not sure which is which, you may return to the main menu, click Configuration, then Live View, and then View. Take a picture of this screen with your phone, and then return to the main screen with all of your cameras. The picture you now have on your phone corresponds with how the cameras are laid out.)

Step 4: Now that we have enabled our recorder to send us Emails, and we have chosen which cameras we would like to trigger Emails, the next step is to tell it when to send us emails.

We will start by navigating to the menu and then clicking on Camera.

Next, we have to decide if we want to receive Emails when somebody has crossed a virtual line on our camera(s), when there is motion detected, or both. I will walk you through both.  

Let’s click on Motion.

Step 5: Click settings.

On this screen, you choose which cameras you would like to trigger Emails. Click Apply once you have chosen.

Make sure to click Apply between every screen to be sure that your settings are being saved!

Step 6: Now that we have chosen which cameras we would like to trigger Emails, the next step is to tell them when to send us these emails. Click Arming Schedule.

Here, where it says Week, you select the day of the week you would like to edit. Go through each day and select the times you would like the emails to be sent.

There are 8 columns for each day. These columns allow you to set broken intervals of time to trigger the Emails. (eg. 00:00 – 06:00, 12:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 24:00)

Click Apply when you are done.

Tip: If you plan on making the settings the same for every day, click Copy after you have selected Apply and select the days you would like to be identical (They are numbered 1 through 7 representing Monday to Friday.

Step 7: Next, click Linkage Action. Then click Send Email. This is the setting that tells your recorder to send Emails related to motion detection.

Step 8: Now you have emails set up for motion detection! Let’s do line crossing next. You’ll find the process to be very similar. Let’s start by following Step 4 again, except instead of clicking on Motion, we will click on VCA.

Make sure that Line Crossing is selected. Next, follow Step 5 to Step 7.

And there you have it! You have set up Email notifications. If you later wish to change your preferences, such as reducing the number of cameras that send you Emails, making it so that you only get Line Crossing/Motion Detection notifications, or to turn off notifications altogether, you have all of the information to do so here. Enjoy!

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