This article details how to retrieve video from your recorder to put onto a USB stick to give to a third party, such as police, as an example. If your recorder has a different layout, try this article instead.

Step 1: Right-click anywhere on the screen. Click menu. (If a password prompt comes up and you don't have that information, please contact us.)
Step 2: Click Export.
Step 3: All cameras are selected by default. Click Analog to begin deselecting them - if you don't plan on obtaining footage from every camera(Avoid this if it is not necessary, as the process will be slower and the files will take up more space).
Step 4: Click IP Camera to deselect the rest of the cameras.

Step 5: This is where you select the cameras that you would like to obtain footage from. Follow this link to learn how to differentiate which cameras are which.

Step 6: Click on the date column under start time.
Step 7: Select the day that you would like to begin your search. (If you're searching for only one day, then select that day.)
Step 8: Select the time of day that you would like to begin your search. (The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to manage your files. So, be sure to be as specific as your situation allows.)
Step 9: Select the date that you would like your search to stop on. (If you're only searching one day, select the same day as you did in step 8.)
Step 10: Select the time that you would like to end your search. You will not see results that go beyond this time.
Step 11: Press Search.
Step 12: Use These Play buttons along with reading the timestamps to watch clips to find the exact clips you need to export. (Notice that you can scroll down to see more clips!)
Step 13: Once you have identified the clips that you need to export, start selecting them using the checkboxes.
Step 14: Notice that you can select files that are not directly next to one another. Be careful during this step to select all of the correct files! Once you have completed the selection process, and are positive that you have the correct files, click Export.
Step 15: You should see a name in the space circled here. If nothing shows in this column, press Refresh.(And check to see that your USB stick is plugged in properly!) If you're still having troubles, try the USB port on the other side of the recorder.
Step 16: Press New Folder so that you have a place to keep all of your exported files. (If you fail to do this step, your files will be unorganized and hard to manage!) Name it Camera Footage, or something that you and the third party will recognize.
Step 17: Double-click on the folder you've just created.
Step 18: Click Export.
Step 19: Click Video and Log, and then OK.

Step 20: While the exporting process takes place, you’ll need to follow this article – it will walk you through downloading the necessary video software that you’ll need in order to view the files. (It’s important to do this before handing off the USB stick to make sure that the files transferred without any issues.)

Step 21: Click OK.

Step 22: Once the files have been transferred, you can just go ahead and unplug the USB stick. Plug it into your computer now, and drag the video(MP4) files into VS player. Play a couple to make sure they transferred without issue.

**IMPORTANT** – Whoever you give this USB stick to will also need a copy of the VS player software, or else they will not be able to view the files. We can easily do this now that the USB stick is plugged into the computer. Simply follow these steps:

• First off, leave open the USB stick directory where the video files are in. 

•  Follow the article that shows you how to install the player until you get to Step 8. (Alternately, you can go to the downloads folder and grab the installer directly if you’re comfortable doing that. Otherwise, follow the above instruction.)

 Once you get to Step 8, instead of double-clicking the VSPlayer file, Click on it, and hold down the mouse key. Do not finish the click. Drag the file to the USB stick directory and release the mouse in the folder where the video clips are. You will see the file in the folder now.

• Let the person know who you give the stick to that they will need to double-click on this VSPlayer icon to install the player themselves. If they seem unconfident in their computer abilities, you can point them to the article above by sharing the link with them. Again, without this program, the videos will be unviewable!

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